Thursday, April 24, 2008

Think of me, think of me kindly

Yeah, I've had Phantom of the Opera songs stuck in my head all week thanks to the American Idol recaps on Youtube. But I do love that David Cook!

This week has been another installment in the "why I think cloning might not be such a bad idea" crazy month of April. The good news is that things should start to return to normal after this weekend. The bad news is that I can't organize my thoughts well enough to put together a coherent blog entry until then. Back to your regularly scheduled programming!

Friday, April 18, 2008

In the midst of the blog hiatus

and the insanity that is April, I did finally come to the realization that who-cakes and peanut butter cups are not helping. So I started running again. And doing arm curls. Because I suddenly realized that I am almost 35 years old and I don't want to have my great-grandmother's arms for at least 40 more years. If I squint and don't look in the mirror directly, things still aren't quite that bad.

So we are overscheduled. We have become those crazed parents that sociologists write about, careening down the road from one activity to another, cramming peanut and jelly sandwiches into the minutes that should comprise dinner and changing uniforms in the car hoping that the police don't notice the naked child in the backseat. And it's all so much fun!

Charlie also has a birthday this week, as does my mother and Justin's father. He is having a family party this weekend and I swear I will get the dirty socks out of the bathroom before then. A few more days and they might walk out themselves!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Why my diets (I know, that's not the right word) fail

Diet, lifestyle change, whatever. Well not so much whatever because I think it's the lifestyle change, or lack thereof, that keeps me from ever maintaining a weight loss program. Have to work overtime? A peanut butter cup will help! Think I might go crazy if I don't get a day off soon? That means it's time to go to IHOP for the Horton Hears a Who breakfast! No, really, that one is just for the kids. Really. I swear.

Clearly, I need some better stress management techniques. And don't suggest carrots, shopping or exercise because none of those are as fun as a peanut butter cup.

Unless maybe it's shopping for scrapbook supplies. Which I think I am going to do tonight on the way to IHOP. That's called multi-tasking and that's a stress management technique right there!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A pictorial hiatus

I'm not spending much (any?) time at home this week because I'm filling in at the office for my father who is taking some time off to finish his master's thesis. While I still have access to the computer, I didn't think it would set a good precedent to bring the scrapbook supplies and camera to work as I suspect the paying clients might not appreciate the aesthetic. Although, if ever an environment called out for some creative decorations, it's a law office at tax time.

It's also the first week of baseball and soccer seasons (wheeeee!!!!) and I discovered tonight that baseball practice goes from 6:00 until dark. Right now that means 8:00. It should be really fun when it stays light until 9:30.

Add in 4 court appearances, my Inns of Court pupilage group presentation (it's a professional organization - just as geeky as it sounds), the cub scout fishing derby, karate, gymnastics, the local Obama phone-a-thon that the campaign is running out of my office, a vet appointment and a husband with several multi-million dollar bids due this week, and you might begin to understand the slight twitch I've developed in my eye. And the massive pile of folded but not yet put away laundry that sits on my couch. Just keepin' it real.

This too shall pass and Sunday afternoon will find me happily playing away with the new Cosmo Cricket robots and the Scenic Route Loveland that my wonderful friend Vivian sent after I couldn't find it anywhere. I think those hearts will look great on the front of my desk at work.