Tuesday, January 18, 2011

This is an Underwear Free Photo Zone

Probably going to get some weird hits from that title, eh? Anyway, I'm doing Project 365 this year (so far, so good!) with the result that there are more than a fair amount of end of the evening photos when everyone has settled in for the night and I realize that I forgot to take a photo earlier in the day.

My husband received a lovely new pair of "soft pants" for Christmas - they are a very soft fleece and as ugly as red and green plaid fleece pants can be. Like clockwork, when dinner is done, he will change into those soft pants and sit down to read or play with the kids. Tonight they are playing Pirates of the Carribbean something or other and I snuck over to get a shot of the family fun. He very emphatically told me "I'm tired of you taking pictures of me in my underwear!" So instead, I bring you the lovely shot of his coffee maker, set up on his birthday morning.

He gets to be the subject of my underwear free blog post for today because he had multiple ticket offers for the hockey game tonight and chose to come home because I had a rough couple of days and he thought I'd feel better if he was around. He was right. Aarrrr... even if he's shouted once too often about someone stealing all of his booty.

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